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Forced into Friendster! But not MySpace!

September 26, 2006

Okay, so maybe “force” is a little strong, but I was encouraged by Ida to sign up for it.  And when we saw Bill & Stac at our Shared Birthdays Celebration (Bill Sept 16, me Sept 15), Stacy even was disappointed that I didn’t have a, dare I say it, a MySpace page.  The HORROR!!  I was running through a list of emotions: disgusted, insulted, offended, suprised.  But afterwards, I realized that she may not have even realized what she said, so I forgave her.  And that’s how I saved Christmas… The End.

And after signing up for the “F” word (shhh.. *whispers* Friendster), the server kicked me off and then the site wouldn’t load (the good ol’ “Cannot find server or DNS Error”).  That was yesterday.  I guess whatever the problem was, it’s gone now, since I was able to verify my email address and upload my pic.  I’ll probably not log in for several months, but oh well.