Dream Spark == Free Software for Students

February 21, 2008

MS giving away free versions of Visual Studio 2008 Pro, MS Expression Studio, Windows Server 2003 Standard, and SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition to registered students.



Mouse wheel in VB6.0

December 3, 2007

VB never had any mouse wheel support ever, until an update to IntelliPoint allowed VB programmers everywhere to rejoice that their new mice with a wheel could scroll code.  It was nice until about the time .Net came out, and the then current version of IntelliPoint removed the VB scroll wheel support.  Saw the download to put back support in the form of a VB 6 addin:

Mouse wheel events do not work in the Visual Basic 6.0 IDE

The Comparer

September 21, 2007

WikiMatrix has a really good tool to help compare various wiki’s.  Very handy.

Halo 3 vids in Silverlight

September 21, 2007

Kinda old, but I’ve been meaning to post this:


Interesting Links from MS Downloads for June07

June 18, 2007

Project Codename Jasper May CTP – Overview Doc

Microsoft Code Name “Acropolis” Community Technology Preview 1

Microsoft Pre-Release Software Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Beta 1

Microsoft Visual Studio Code Name “Orcas” SDK – June 2007 Community Technology Preview

Microsoft eScrum Version 1.0

MSDN Community Distribution CD June 2007

DirectX Software Development Kit (June 2007)

.NET Rocks! – Oren Eini -NHibernate and Rhino Mocks

New MS Architect site

June 5, 2007

Kind of like an architect dev center:


MS Acropolis

June 5, 2007

Just saw this on the MSDN homepage:

“Microsoft Code Name “Acropolis” is a set of components and tools intended to make it easier for developers to build and manage modular, business focused, client applications for Microsoft Windows on the .NET Framework”


Random Software

June 1, 2007

I stumped upon this in the MS downloads, it’s called “Facebook Dev Toolkit” for Windows and Web.  How does it interact with Facebook’s site?  Don’t know, but it did catch my eye.

Someone mentioned DWebPro to me, and it sounds cool.  It packages up a dynamic website (code, database, etc) that will run from a CD.  The author is Italian, so the website isn’t in english, but there are links off other file servers.  Why isn’t there any OpenSouce software for this?

Google Gears “is an open source browser extension that lets developers create web applications that can run offline”.  All the code is javascript, so there’s no need to learn another language or anything – it just ‘works’.  It looks like a natural progression of technology, first Java and the JRE and now just a simple framework that works with existing javascript.  I’m suprised MS didn’t have this up in their MS Labs.

Enterprise Library 3.1

May 31, 2007

A new update already from May 23:


JPG + Transparency == Too Bad

May 2, 2007

Well, I didn’t really think about it, but when I was trying to color my chocobo…  But I digress, I should probably start at the beginning.

The small, cheesy app that I was trying to create with XNA as a jpeg picture of a chocobo.  Using the Xbox 360 controller will move the picture around the screen.  The picture has a white background and I was trying to update it so the white would be transparent.  Using Paint.NET, I was trying to set the transparency on the background with no luck.

Just googled it and, of course, it’s not possible to do that…  I’m going to change the image to a targa and set it…